SC Carts has extensive experience both in aviation and metal fabrication manufacturing, we have taken this unique knowledge and brought it over to the custom cart industry.

It is our goal as a company to design and create unique custom carts that are not currently available anywhere in the world.

SC Carts is continually pushing the design of the “STANDARD” golf cart making our unique and cool carts available to the public.

Did you know? Golf carts really aren’t just for golf anymore! Although we can definitely help you with a beauty cart for the links, we can also get you a golf cart for everything from hauling you to and from the lake, pushing snow in the winter, getting around a work site, and much more! Check out our webpage to see what we have in stock! 


8 responses to “About

  1. Is it possible to purchase your custom scorecard holder for the club car precedent – the metal one shown mounted on the customer steering wheel?

    • Hi Gary,

      We haven’t offered them as a production item yet but we could certainly consider it. The challenge would be knowing what steering wheel you have in order for the mounting to work correctly.

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