Lithium Teal G2

Here is another great build we have going up to new customers at Predator Ridge Resort. This color is a head turner and with the combination of chrome rims and custom upholstery it will stand out!

Check out our SC Carts Power Cube lithium battery pack featured in this NXT-G2!


In the booth with the roof in sealer


Base coat laid down and it looks awesome


Several layers of clear give this roof an amazing depth!


Into the shop and we have the chassis sitting on chrome 14’s.


Back from it’s test run we were ready to install the body


This color pops with the chrome rims


We added a bit of extra color to the front with a color matched bumper


Rear taillights installed along with our SC Drive system


Rear uprights installed and waiting on the roof to dry


SC Power cube! The future of battery packs

You aren’t going to want to miss the next update on this NXT-G2 as we bring it all together. We have some great tricks up our sleeve for this beauty!

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