NXT-R4 Heli Hauler *Part 2*

This very cool NXT-R4 is coming along great! Which is excellent because it is leaving our facility this week to head out and enjoy the long weekend sunshine!

Check out the progress and how awesome this buggy is coming along!


14″ rims with custom paint


These rims look awesome!


Rear tow hitch coming together


All tacked and ready for final welding


Roof back from powder coat and installed, time to finish it up!


Upholstery department starting to install completed parts!


This NXT-R4 is really starting to come together, and it is going to be super cool when finished!

The team will be working hard to ensure it is completed for this upcoming weekend! If you can’t wait to see it completed until next upload be sure to check out our Facebook page for a sneak peak!


If you haven’t seen part one it’s right here ready to go!