Preds Purple Panther *Part 2*

We got to take this bad boy out on the open road today for it’s final test run! This buggy turned out so cool, we have been waiting to do a purple cart for quite a long time.

The white accents set it off and give it a bold but timeless look, we will let you be the judge!


CNC cutting the custom aluminum trunk!


Formed and fitted into place


Another shot of our fab department getting it fitted


Next the trunk lid was formed and installed


Finished off with a lock! Ready to go to powder coat


With the trunk completed it was time to turn the cart over the the paint department, check out these custom color matched rims!


Windsheild installed along with the roof system


Custom floor mat and a sneak peak of the custom upholstery


Top quality from our upholstery department as usual!


We added some bold white pinstripes and some white accent intakes on the hood


The same treatment was given to the back of the cart as well!


This buggy came together and is truly a one of a kind!


Out in the sun (and dust) for a final boot down the road!

The paint on this cart looks absolutely awesome out in the sun and we just love how this one came together!

It is going to turn heads at it’s new home at Predator Ridge for all the right reasons!

If you haven’t seen part 1 check it out here!