Predator Ridge Precedent Make Over! *part 2*

Where do we go from here…We’ll tell you where to blingsville! But no so much on this upload, this time we are focusing on some more structural aspects of this build. But we promise the bling is coming…soon!


Our SC Carts custom roof system back from powder coating


We custom machined the roof panel with the sunroof opening on our CNC machine!


Our very high end tinted windshield material installed and it has just the right look!


With all the components of the roof system completed we installed it on the cart!


On the lift for a couple suspension modifications, check out the pop up sunroof!


The custom machined grill being laid out…we aren’t sure which one of our team is going to get the daunting task of installing the bling one by one but we can tell you know is making eye contact around this project 🙂

All the heavy lifting is done around this build now it’s time to dial in the bling and we won’t disappoint! We can’t believe the difference from when this cart arrived until now…well actually we can 🙂 Come back next week as we bring this project to shore!

Part one is right here!