The Bentayga of NXT’s

As the name states this is truly going to be an NXT on it’s own playing field. With understated touches of luxury it will turn heads, not because it’s shouting but rather because it is curiously classy!


In our fab shop it starts with an idea


Then our talented team takes the idea from paper


To actual metal


Ensure all the angles are right and the fitment is perfect


We end up with a modern, yet classy look!


With the shape of the roof complete we start working on the windshield trim


While our fabrication team is hard at work our paint department is busy masking the custom rims


It’s a lot of painstaking work, but in the end the results will be amazing!


A sneak look at the very classy stitch work from our upholstery department. The material is a perfect fit for the style of this build!

We are pretty excited to be building this one off NXT, it will fit right in at it’s new home at Predator Ridge Resort!