Freedom 54 Resort Precedent *part 2*

The “Freedom 54” resort cruising Precedent has come a long way since it’s last upload & we can’t wait to show you the progress!


With our remaining parts arriving from Club Car this week, we were able to get cracking on the rest of the assembly.


Here we got the rear basket installed and the factory wheel covers


Next came the roof and windshield


We added a bit of style with our SC Carts factory upholstery upgrade


We matched these to the rear as well!


Someone must have been good over the holidays, because his wife snuck in and got him a set of custom rims!


The custom 12″ wheel package takes this buggy to the next level!


We added some more style to the resort buggy with our SC Carts grill and some custom silver pinstripe!

This cart is so close to being ready to go for the spring, and it is a super clean looking buggy there are just a couple last details to complete!

Did you check out the first part of this custom build?