Custom Hummer Golf Cart Build

Haaaaaay! Thanks for checking out the latest custom cart to drop from SC Carts – the custom Hummer! We’re pretty darn stoked to be getting our hands on this project.

We found this custom Hummer cart out of Alberta and it is need of some major love so this will definitely be a bit of a project Рkeep coming back every Tuesday to see how this cart comes along!


The beast arrived in mostly one piece!


Our team wasted no time tearing into it.


The tear donw in full swing


Rear body off and front body is next!


We have some work ahead of us on this chassis!


A pile of Hummer, some of these parts will never be used again


Electronics ready to be pulled out!


Cutting the floor pan out to make way for updated pedals, we want to run this on all new electronics


Custom cross member being fabed to support the floor modification.


The hummer didn’t come with a roof, so we are fabbing up a custom roll cage


We are incorporating a set of nerf bars


One side of the cage all mocked up!

This Hummer is going to be one serious ride when it is finished, make sure to check back and see how this project progresses!

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