Ferrari Rosso Corsa Golf Cart Edition *Part 3*

Last week, we showed you the “behind the scenes” stuff for this build, which is pretty cool but definitely not as cool as this week’s update! This cart is a SMOKE SHOW and we can’t wait to show off the red paint … see for yourself!


We start this week off on the CNC machine cutting some custom brackets for our SC Carts roof system


All machined and bent in house


Next we got into the booth and laid down that famous Ferrari Red


After several coats of clear and dry time the parts were pulled out of the booth to make way for more painting


Dry enough now to install on the chassis


Main body on and this red is amazing


We even color matched the front bumper


Rocker panels installed and it’s really starting to take shape


Our SC Carts custom floor mat was laid down next, we will custom machine some floor sills to finish off the look


Front cowl and sweater basket  installed. These rims are absolutely perfect on this cart!


Our upholstery department nailed it again! This is the actual Ferrari 458 seat pattern


Seat back installed and what a look! Our customer will truly have a one of a kind cart!

We have plenty more tricks up our sleeve for this build and you won’t want to miss them. This cart is heading home Friday to Chilliwack BC, so if you want to get a sneak peak of the finished cart before it heads out make sure to check out our Facebook page!

Have you seen part 2?