The Mazie Continental *part 3*

As we continued to build this cart we kept on adding custom touches to make it one very sweet custom buggy! It is completed and living up at it’s new home at Predator Ridge Resort. Have a look at how this very classy buggy turned out!


These custom 12″ rims will finish the look of this buggy!


Rear seat kit being installed!


OEM black roof, this ties the black trim of the body in perfectly.


All finished and outside, a one of custom grill with a small polished SC logo


Custom SC Carts contoured seats with a one off stitch pattern!


To bring a little shine to the top half of the cart we added some of our custom polished upright trim


This color turned out awesome and the cart looks unreal.


This will be a timeless cart, you can’t beat this color combo

We had a blast building this buggy for some really awesome customers that let us go wild on it! It’s zipping around Predator Ridge, turning heads everywhere it goes.

If you haven’t seen part two it’s right here!