Fire Engine Red Golf Machine *Part 2*

This is one hot cart! Our customer gave us a lot of leeway on this build, it had to be red and it had to have black seats! From there we went to work on it, last week you saw the chassis come together, this week we buttoned it up, and the cart turned out awesome!

This is one of those carts that makes a statement without having to yell! It’s a timeless buggy that will turn heads while still being super classy! Something that this retired fireman will be proud to drive around Tsawwassen springs for years to come! Enough with the chit chat though!


Underbodies installed and ready for the painted body!


We wanted to keep the fire theme going with this build, and what better way then with a paint color called Red Fire Metallic!


Out of the booth and on the cart, this color is awesome!


We wanted to tie everything in together, so we added a custom silver and black pinstripe and our custom SC Carts silver and black grill!


A black top was a must and it sure looks good!


We got cracking in the upholstery department too! Just the right amount of red stitch on the seats!


The diamond accents take this cart to a whole other level!


Of course it will be used for golf, so the essentials were a must!


All we can say is what a beauty!

We really enjoyed build this cool cart and we know our new customer is going to absolutely love driving it!

If you have seen part 1 you better get to it!