You had me at Merlot

Refined. Sophisticated. Classy. Are we defining a glass a wine or the next cart to come out of the SC Carts’ shop? 😉 You be the judge…


We are getting down and dirty with this one, the frame was stripped right down!


Up on the jack stands and the assembly process begins!


A completely rebuilt rear end will put the power to the ground


New brakes and on overhauled braking system will ensure the stopping that is needed for the hills of Predator Ridge


Check out this completely rebuilt front end!


Some of the underbody components being installed!


The battery box, headlight and brand new rubber installed!

I don’t think people know just how much work goes into each and every custom SC Cart! But this sure gives you a good idea. This buggy will be road tested later today to ensure all the electronics are working properly and that the drivetrain is solid!

Be sure to come back next week as we get to the cosmetic end of this build!

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