Stinger Bee

Say hello to the Stinger Bee! Each build is always so different from the last, and the excitement to see carts come together around here definitely doesn’t fizzle! This yellow cart is a super fun custom we’ve been working on this week, and we can’t wait to show it off …


Starting with the chassis completely torn down!


Here we go with the rebuild! Rear end in and waiting on the freshly machined motor.


A little blackout action on the wheels to give it a bit more of an aggressive look


All the electronics installed


The heart of the the buggy, these will power it around the resort!


Next we installed the front underbody


The dash area complete with our SC Carts electric fuel gauge and light switch.


Next we got in the booth and laid down this custom stinger yellow paint.


We added this custom two color pinstripe, it will tie the entire cart together


Because this is going to be used around the resort, our customers wanted a rear seat and some safety belts for the little ones!


Next we installed the front cowl and the black roof.


The custom SC Carts silver and black grill bring the front end of this buggy together!


With everything installed we took it outside to get some photos in the sun. You can see the 5 panel rear view mirror.


One final shot of this very cool cart

We think this resort cruiser was outfitted with exactly the right touches for zipping around the community at Predator Ridge! It will bee turning heads everywhere it goes!