Ocean Pearl *part 3*

We are SO excited to share the progress on Ocean Pearl! We can’t get enough of this pearl white with silver & wood accents!


The underbodies in the booth with sealer on them


Pearl white paid down on the rear underbody


Body drying in the booth


While the body dries, we took the cart out for a test run! This cart drives great.


Back in the shop, we have the painted underbodies installed. It is a huge amount of extra work to paint the trim, but the end result is awesome!


With the floor mat installed, we decided to do a last minute swap and install the chrome column


The SC Carts fuel gauge, lights, ignition, horn and dual USB all in a handy location!


Next we installed the painted body. WOW!


Windshield, rear basket and supports were next!


Yes even the roof is custom painted!


A custom trim to top of the roof, it continues to add to the classic look!


Club rain cover and rear view mirror

This cart has made some great progress this week and is almost complete, but it still has some cool finishing touches to be had! This custom will be heading to it’s new home at Predator Ridge Resort this week, so we have to keep at it!

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