Denali White Cruiser *part 2*

The sun is FINALLY out in the beautiful Okanagan and we can’t to get this buggy out in the sun to see it sparkle!


We start this week off in the booth with this awesome Cadillac pearl white!


While the paint dries we put the power in the buggy, maintenance free gel batteries!


Out of the booth and onto the buggy!


Rear basket and uprights installed, this cart is coming together!


A black roof finishes off the top and ties the entire package together


A tinted folding windshield will take care to keep the critters out of the teeth


New style Club Car folding club cover!


This cart is looking awesome!

The pearl in this paint really steps up the class on this cart. Just a few more finishing touches and a set of sweet custom seats and this cart will be on it’s way for the big party in Alberta!


Have you seen part 1 of the Denali White Cruiser build?