Alberta Country Cruiser *part 3*

It’s been a few weeks since our last update on the Alberta Country Cruiser, but it’s back now and COMPLETE (just a few small touches left)! This custom buggy is a stealthy gem that is sure going to be a head turner … that’s if people are fast enough to catch a glimpse! This cart features our Speedster Plus motor & controller package which will hit up to 30 MPH, a custom 12″ rim & tire package, LED head light & tail lights, SC Carts trickle charger, and more!


Here you can see the body is out of paint and installed


The team was hard at work installing the rear seat kit and roof!


We decided the upholstery on this buggy needed to be a bit more then stock!


We also installed a tinted windshield and our custom grill, all that’s left is our logo and some pinstriping to finish it off!


The rear seat got the same custom upholstery touch!


Not only does it look good, it’s also super functional!


This cart is looking awesome and has really come together, just a couple more touches and it’s on it’s way home to Alberta!

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