One cool blue machine! *Part 3*

Last year, we sold Scuba Blue to one pretty cool NHL player who needed it out on the links asap! Scuba Blue got to come back home over the winter to have some updates done, and now Scuba is sporting a few more team colors:

Scuba 2016:


Scuba 2017:


First thing our customer wanted was to have the roof changed, so white it was!


Next we added a little team flare to the buggy with some white and red pinstripes


Next we brought a little red to the white roof with some custom hand wraps


Our customers jersey number looks sweet on this cue ball (his idea and we loved it)


It’s coming together now and looks sweet!


How about this upholstery!


This cart is looking amazing!

What an overhaul! You won’t miss this cart out at Tsawwassen springs! If you want to see the final result of this buggy you will have to head to our Facebook page!