Alberta Country Cruiser *part 2*

The Alberta Country Cruiser is so close to being complete and this cool buggy is going to be some kind of high speed cool!


This cart is going to be packing a punch with our Speedster Plus package! Here we are wiring up the main controller


Installed and ready for a test run!


The controller paired with our SC Carts Speedster motor gets this buggy moving at over 30mph!


To handle all that speed, we have equipped this cart with these custom 12″ low profile wheels


Night time cruising will be made bright with this LED headlight package


Wiring and more wiring!


How about this color! We love it!

With all the hard work behind us, we just have the assembly left to complete, believe it or not from this point we are only a day away to having it done!

We can’t wait to get it out into the sun for some pictures! If you want a sneak peek of the completed buggy, hit up our Facebook Page!

Part 1!