The Sublime Predator Bandit *part 6*

It’s that time of year – things are rockin’ & rollin’ around here and we love it! This cart was delivered to its new home at Predator Ridge Resort in Vernon over the weekend and we have to admit, we’re a little sad to see it leave! Using this custom green paint has been on our design board for some time, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out … sometimes we just wish we could have custom golf carts sit around here a little longer to look at! 😉


We added a punch of boldness with a single black pinstripe! As if not being bold was a problem 🙂


Batteries installed and ready to ride


The rear seats installed!


SC Carts custom floor mat and a set of custom side sills, looking good!


The front seats are just the same as the Porsche that the color comes from, they are tight and clean.


Check out this custom one off grill!


With everything complete it was time to take it outside and get it in the sunshine!

What a blast this cart is, not only does it look great, it also performs great!

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