Royal Blue Predator Raven

We’re so stoked for this next build … welcome the Royal Blue Predator Raven! This next cart is going to be bold yet oh so classy and we can’t wait to see it come together! So let’s get going!


The chassis up on the lift getting the full makeover!


Rear end disassembled and getting ready to be put back together


Brand new brakes!


Freshly machined and refinished drums, for super smooth braking!


HD suspension installed, and the cart is coming together!


Fully rebuilt steering box was installed and then the cart was put on it’s custom wheels!


This buggy is getting a road ready package, here are the LED’s and horn!


Main underbody installed along with the battery box.


A shot from the rear, just waiting on the motor to be re machined and it will be ready to get installed.


This last minute wheel change by the customer is spot on!

Don’t blink because this buggy is going to be built before you know it, it’s heading to Predator Ridge resort this weekend to it’s forever home.\

If you want to see it before next weeks UPLOAD! Head to our Facebook page and get a sneak peak of it coming together.