Falls Performance Caddy

Just as quick as our first custom Cadillac build is completed we are starting a new build for one of our long time customers. Our customer didn’t cut any corners with this build, and we have some tricks up our sleeve for it as well!

Your aren’t going to want to miss this build, let’s get right to it!


When we build a high end cart like this we always start from the bare bones. Here’s our chassis rails in from powder coat


Unwrapped and ready to be assembled


Each and every part on this buggy was been taken apart.


With the chassis together we could install these massive chrome rims!


How sick does this setup look!


The front end coming together with all new bushings


The rear end was completely disassembled and the axle housings were sent out for powder coating!


Here’s the performance part of this performance caddy, our SC Carts Speedster plus package! Of course it also got brand new brake cables and brake pads for a complete performance upgrade


Next we installed the under bodies and battery box


Here is our high performance controller! Installed and super tidy!


The team starting in on the wiring, with our SC Carts voltage reducer and fuse panel


More wires hanging on the underside of the cart, we are going to light this beast up!


Up on jack stands for some of the final rear end wiring.


Next it was time to take it to the next level, SC Carts style! We fired up the CNC and started cutting aircraft grade aluminum


With the pieces cut for the SC Carts custom lower valance it was time to start tacking it together


Looking awesome and fitting perfectly


One final test fit before we pull it for full welding.


We are stepping this build up by doing a full color matched body. It’s a lot of extra work but it is going to really make this cart a one off!


Parts in sealer and flashing before color coat


Base coat laid down along with several layers of clear coat


What a cool color! This color with the chrome accents is going to look so sweet!

It’s coming together quickly, and that’s a good thing because by the time we upload for next week this cart will already be at it’s new home at the Falls in Chilliwack, so no time to waste!

Want to see a sneak peak of this cart before the blog, check out our Facebook page towards the end of the week!