The Sublime Predator Bandit *part 5*

More progress on this cool buggy took place this week, including the high performance controller installation. This cart is really coming together and there are still some super cool final details to come…check it out!


Last time we pretty much buttoned up the front end, so this week we started off at the back end.


Installation of the rear seat kit coming along nicely


With the rear seat installed we were able to get the basket and roof on.


How sharp is this! The black and green is a killer look, and we still have a couple more tricks up our sleeve to complete the look.


To handle the hills at Predator Ridge resort and the additional passengers our customer opted for an upgraded controller! Great choice.


Clean, that’s how we roll on our installations! This cart is not only going to have some extra climbing power, but it will also have some extra top speed! Yahoooo!

That’s a wrap for this week, but we will be back soon with more cool details on this build, so don’t you worry.

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We hope you have seen part 4?