Island Work Horses *part 3*

The trio of work horses is now complete and ready just in time for the sunshine to hit! This week, we installed the work boxes, seats and completed the final touches! Then we sent these workhorses off to the Island! See for yourself:


We started off by getting the windshields installed


Then the work boxes with the custom rake and shovel holders


These carts even got some custom upholstery to jazz them up


With the upholstery installed it was time to get them outside, what a handsome trio


It didn’t take long for our customers to come over and load them up for their big trip to the Island


The rest of the work fleet, all ready to rock and roll!


All loaded! Now time to strap them down for their 6 hour journey and 1 ferry ride to the Island


We used every inch of this 53′ unit!

This work fleet was a great project and is now off to keep the parks maintained! Look for them if you are out camping!


Are you caught up on the second part of this custom work cart build?