Blackjack Cadillac *part 5*

We’re back and we are on the home stretch with this super cool one of a kind build! After taking it on the road for a test run it was time get back in the shop to get cracking on the headliner with built in stereo!


We started off by machining our custom headliner grills


The CNC hard at work


Next the custom surrounds were up, these trim rings will finish off the speaker install cleanly!


We then moved on to designing and machining the pod for the stereo headunit


Pieces cut and ready to assemble


Here the pieces are assembled, now to make the hidden mounting brackets and then smooth the edges of the pod.


Test fitting the components before we send it up to the upholstery shop to be smoothed and covered in matching diamond stitch


For some excellent radio reception we installed this stubby antenna, once the club cover is installed it will  be even less visible while providing awesome reception.

It’s coming along, the little details take the longest but that’s what makes an SC Cart and SC Cart!

Have you seen part 4? No…well here’s your chance!