Alberta Country Cruiser

We got a new comer to the blog this week, and we are excited to get it rocking and rolling. This cart is going to make it’s home at Wizard Lake in Alberta, and it’s going to he WHIZZING by everything with our Speedster Plus motor Package! We are going to ease you into this build by getting down to the meat and potatoes of cart building!


After tearing apart the donor cart, the team got it up on the lift and started putting it together. Here you can see brand new HD suspension being installed


Every part on the cart is touched in some way or another during the rebuild process, from each nut being put through the tumbler and repainted to brand new components being installed! Here we brushed the aluminum frame to give it a cool look, even though you will only see about 10% of it 🙂


After the rear end was overhauled it was placed on the new suspension


Every SC Cart gets brand new brake pads


Sitting on some temporary wheels, don’t worry they aren’t sticking around, we have some super cool rims on the way! We also added some brand new brake cables to make sure this Speedster will stop on a dime!


Front end completely rebuilt and running smooth as silk!

Next we will start refinishing the body panels, then we can get onto the performance part of the build so we can get this buggy out on the road for a test run!