The Sublime Predator Bandit *part 4*

Some of our builds come together really quickly and are assembled the day after painting, while other builds have more cool components hiding under the body, which means we get to see bits and pieces come together. There are those of us in the shop that get pumped about the custom wiring and assembling that goes  into these beauties, then there are others who are itching to see these carts assembled in all their glory! So if you are like the former, enjoy the following … but if you are like the latter, so sorry, it will be a little longer until this beauty is assembled! 🙂


After body prep it was in the booth to get the sealer laid down


We laid down this awesome color and then waited for it to dry, with it dry it was time for it to be installed on the cart


The full body paint on this cart is amazing!


We installed the rear LED’s, they suit the look perfectly


Next came the front cowl and front roof supports

It’s a short one this week, but what a good one! This cart just gets better and better with each part we add!

Have you seen the third part of this custom cart build?