The Sublime Predator Bandit *part 3*

The Sublime Bandit is now living up to its name! We laid the green paint and it is fresh! Check out this beauty:


The clear is dry and it’s time to start assembling, first up the custom headlights!


How cool is this look, this green is killer with these custom flat black wheels!


Next we installed the rear underbody.


Our rear custom bumper was next on the list, this not only looks cool, but because this cart is getting a rear seat it will take the beating from feet and items being stuffed under the seat.


The rockers installed, and man oh man!


You can’t have a hot looking buggy like this and not have some tunes! So for that we installed our MTX sound tube with SC Carts custom bracket!


Fits perfectly and will belt out the music!


We look at every aspect of the build as we put it together, right down to the look of the steering wheel. This wheel is a perfect match!


Next we installed the front underbody! That completes the painted trim on this cart.


This is some kind of cool!

WOW! That’s about all we can say, and we haven’t even gotten to the performance end of things for this build. We are having way to much fun building this one!

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Did you catch the second part of this build?