The Sublime Predator Bandit *part 2*

The Sublime Predator Bandit is coming along right on schedule and is one fine custom! This is the first time the 14″ Twisters have been featured on an SC Carts’ custom build and they suit this build perfectly – along with the gorgeous paint. We can’t wait to get this cart put back together, but until then check out where we got to this week:


The team has been hard at work on this buggy, here the main underbody, steering column and battery box has been installed


After getting the cart rolling we came up with a cool idea so we fired up the CNC machine!


This cart design has a real performance feel to it, and this is just what it needs!


A set of cool cross drilled rotors


This will really give this buggy a performance look!


How cool do these custom SC Carts rotors look! This cart is going to look mean out there!


While the guys sat back and admired their handy work on the custom rotors it was time to get the paint mixed up! What a sweet color this is!


Is this color amazing or what!


The headlights are going to looks killer


Another shot of this cool color, before the clear goes down on it!

This is where we are going to leave it for this week, be sure to come back next week when you get to see some color on the cart. The flat black wheels with this green is going to be like nothing else!

Make sure to check at part one of this already too cool build!