Coyote Creek Black Howler

EEEEEK we love the idea of this cart! Black on black on black with touches of silver is so classy but sexy, and we know this cart won’t disappoint. The hardest part of this time of year with so many carts on the go? Waiting for them to come together! We know, life is reallllllly tough at SC Carts!

Every year, we have quite a few fabulous customers who design their carts when there’s a ton of snow on the ground and look to have them in the spring once the sun comes back out! And we love this but it means that we often have quite a few carts that leave at the same time so we nail out the carts in sections, instead of seeing them come together in a week. And it is tough – we want to see them NOW! 😉 But in the mean time, all of us will have to enjoy the exciting important stuff. Check out the progress on the sweet Black Howler below:


We have started the assembly with this black powder coated chassis


Marty is hard at work getting the front end together


When our team gets through with each component they are just like new! Look at this completely rebuilt front end!


As the front end comes together so does the rear end.


The rear end was completely disassembled, the axle housing were sent out to powder and then the rear end was completely rebuilt!


While the guys are busy getting the chassis together, our sewing department has been busy knocking the seats out of the park!


Check out the detail and quality of this work!


Check back next week! As we keep moving forward on this very awesome build!

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