The Sublime Predator Bandit

There aren’t words to express how excited we are about this next build! The machine oozes cool with it’s custom green full body paint, matte black 14″ rims, and bluetooth sound tube stereo. We’ve been dreaming of this build, and while this cart is going to pretty darn gorgeous, it’s also going to be a fabulous ride with an updated controller, custom upholstery, custom steering wheel, LED head lights, and rear seat kit. But before we get into the wicked design, we always have to start with the most important part: the rebuild …


Up on the lift, and the powder coated chassis for this animal is coming together


HD rear suspension and all new bushings getting installed to handle the additional weight of the rear seat kit


The fully rebuilt brake system with handle the stopping end of things


Brand new brake cables are installed


The rebuilt rear end and custom wheel package was next to go on, check out this beefy stance.


The fully rebuilt front end came together nicely and functions buttery smooth


Checkout this mean wheel and tire package! Custom center caps will be installed shortly. What a mean look!


All the seat skins for this build ready to become seats!


Check out how cool this green stitch looks!

This is one crazy cool cart in the making, come back next week as we keep cranking away on this build.

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