Blackjack Cadillac

The parts for this next build have been rolling in for the last month, and man oh man, are they gorgeous. The Blackjack Cadillac will feature a custom body and 14″ chrome rims – both of which can definitely hold their own – but together – they are going to be beautyyyy! So before we get to the good stuff, check out the other good stuff ;), the meat and potatoes of the Blackjack Cadillac:


Our custom powder coated chassis on the lift getting assembled


Completely rebuilt front end being assembled, of course this includes all new bushings


With the front end under control we focused our attention to the rear of the cart with brand new brakes and a fully rebuilt rear end


The front end completely assembled!


How slick are these big 14″ chrome rims!


With the chassis all rebuilt we installed the main underbody, and brand new steering column


Cup holders are a must, and this buggy comes with 4!


Checkout the cool stance on this cart.

I don’t know about you guys, but wow is this going to be a cool cart. Just wait until you see what we have in store for this build, there are some super custom touches coming this way.

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