Candy Blue Crusader

Making it’s debut on the blog this week is the Candy Blue Crusader! We are pretty stoked on this next custom with its full body paint and brand new custom 12″ rims. The Crusader is an SC Carts’ build and will be heading to our custom cars inventory shortly! This custom will be $9,595 and features:

  • Fully refurbished Club Car Precedent
  • Charger & new batteries
  • Electric fuel gauge
  • Tinted & folding windshield
  • Custom 12″ rim and low pro tire package
  • Custom paint,  trim package, & painted roof
  • Custom SC Carts contour upholstery
  • Private speed setting (top speed of 19 mph)
  • Custom steering wheel package
  • LED headlight and taillight kit

The rendering for this buggy will give you an idea of just how cool it’s going to be!


We start with the torn down chassis


Front end completely rebuilt


Here are the machined drums


To add to the sporty feel of this cart we painted the rear drums


Now there’s a statement


Rear wheels installed, just enough red poking through


This cart is looking good! These rims are sweet!


Time to get in the booth and lay down the base


Next we mixed up the House of Kolor Kandy


Now that is going to be one bright cart! A perfect match to the wheels.

Man oh man is this going to be one head turner of a cart! Come back next week when it really starts coming together.

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