Kamloops Bound Bimmer *part 3*

The more that gets added to this cart, the more excited we get! The paint was cool, but just wait until you see it all come together with the accessories added this week … this is one sweet ride! {Sometimes, I swear, the hardest part of building custom carts? The fact that they leave so quickly after they’re completed and we don’t get to enjoy their beauty for longer in our showroom. I know, tough life, right? Heartbreaking, really! ;)}



We got right into it this week with the custom floor mat and matching side sills


Look how sweet the side sills tie in with the wheels!


To carry on the custom look of this cart we smoked out the taillights, just enough to give it the right look


Next we added a custom carbon fiber dash


All of our SC Carts customs come with our electric fuel gauge, we also added a USB and the light switch.


This is the perfect steering wheel to finish off the cool custom look we are going for! We will be adding the score card holder shortly!


The front cowl was next to come out of the paint booth and be installed


Then our SC Carts custom grill and logo finished off the front end


The black roof caps this buggy off nicely


A tinted front windshield will serve double duty to keep the sun and wind off

This cart is turning out amazing and we are pretty excited to be working on it. The final touches will be added next week. Make sure to come back and check it out!

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