Winter Cart Updates!

So many of our customers use their golf carts a ton during the golf season that they don’t want to part with their carts for updates during the best time of the year … we love seeing carts in the winter to get updates! This next cart has come in a few times for cool upgrades, last year we added gorgeous custom upholstery, trim package, and more, and this year, it was time for new shoes, new Gel batteries, LED head light, USB charging receptacle, SC Carts custom floor mat, as well as some other goodies! Check out the transformation!


Here’s the buggy the very first time the cart came to us


It left our shop looking like this


It got some great seat upgrades


Custom side sills and grill


Our customer contacted us with some more cool upgrade ideas, so here the cart is again as we tear it down


Led headlight instead of the standard headlight


Then our customer took it up a notch by having us add some custom matte black 14’s


What a great look with these wheels


A custom SC Carts floor mat took care of the interior upgrade this time around


We installed brand new Gel batteries along with this onboard charger!


Another look as the buggy comes together


Here it is all finished up and charging, we even installed a set of our custom armrest hand wraps for some extra style and comfort!

Time to detail it and get it back to our customers home! This cart has had an amazing transformation and is going to really be turning heads up at Predator this up coming season!

Now how many sleeps until golf season 🙂