Galaxy Gray Warrior *part 3*

While it may be getting chillier outside and we’re definitely feeling like winter is on its way, inside we’re just ramping up in anticipation for spring! Our 2017 build calendar is filling up quickly for the spring, we have some of the coolest builds on the way! And the Galaxy Gray Warrior sure doesn’t disappoint. This cart is a beauty!



This week we focused on style and performance! Here is the custom sewn seat back!


The seat bottom installed! Wow is this amazing upholstery!


Checkout how our upholstery department nailed the color combo on these seats. The piping matches the body and even has the same metallic effect!


Our 2017 Speedster motor getting ready to be installed in the buggy!


It looks complicated, but that’s only because it is 🙂 We’re just kidding…our controller package all installed and ready to go in the cart


Installed and looking proper!

Just a quick one this week, but it was an important one, next week the cart will be getting it’s test drive and final tweaking!

Make sure to come back!

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