Chocolate Hunk *part 2*

We’ve had another chilly week in the Okanagan; however, the chill outside definitely hasn’t slowed us down inside one bit! {Which may have something to do with the fact that we keep the heat in summer mode …} We rock and roll all winter and our carts just get cooler and cooler, and this one doesn’t disappoint…


LED headlights and under bodies installed


Next it was time to hit the booth, this porsche color was amazing on it’s own, but we thought we would kick up a notch with some HOK mini flakes


Basecoat laid down!


Several coats of clear and this body looks amazing! Check out the mini gold flake doing it’s thing.


Body installed, it’s coming together.


How sweet is this color combo, have a look at the custom hand wraps


Here we re machined the motor! This ensures it will be running smooth and quiet.


How about this bold custom upholstery! Man does it look and feel good.


All finished and out for the photos in the fall weather


This cart is a real head turner!


LED taillights and a custom steering wheel package!

Well we are super impressed with how this cart turned out and one ride on it and we know you will love it! This cart is ready to be scooped up by a new owner, is it you?

Head to our inventory page to get the details on it

Have you seen the first part of this build?