SC Carts Winter Tips

Hey Guys! It’s that time of year again where people are parking their carts for the winter and we’ve got some tips to keep your cart in tip top shape over the winter!

One of the worst things you can do to your cart is let the batteries go dead, this drastically reduces your cart’s battery life and means your cart won’t be ready to ride when you need it! So what can you do?

Well first off, let’s start with what you definitely shouldn’t do:

  • don’t add water to your batteries right before you park it {the water needs time to mix with the electrolyte!}
  • don’t leave your cart plugged in with the big charger for months on end {the big charger can actually drain your batteries!}
  •  don’t park your cart for the season without first giving it a full charge with your factory charger

So how should you store your golf cart? Good question!

We recommend our SC Carts trickle charger / battery maintainer. We designed this special 48 volt charger to take the worry out of your battery maintenance, extend the life of your batteries and have your cart ready to go when you are !

How does it work? Plug it in and forget about it! Have the peace of mind knowing your batteries are being maintained while you aren’t there to do it.

The SC Carts battery maintainers retail for $199.95 and you can buy yours online at our parts store!

If  you’re an SC Carts customer, don’t forget to contact us directly for your charger so we can extend your preferred customer pricing!

Did you know that the number one cause of shortened battery life in your golf cart is actually caused when your not using your cart? Your batteries are continually discharging when sitting. Off season or extended time away from your cart means that your batteries are literally dying in your garage.

And that’s just the batteries! Check out the rest of our Club Car Precedent storage tips here!