Special Vehicle Division cart with our new SC Drive! SVD Project 2 *Part 7*

Oh SVD, where have you been all my life? We’ve been dreaming of this cart for waaaaaaaay too long and we are so ready to see it come together!

If you keep up with us, you know that our calendar is JAM packed nailing out the sweetest custom carts so at times, finding the time for these unique projects gets put on hold, but not for lack of wanting {our really cool projects / special designs like this take a lot of TLC and hours}! Without further adieu, check out the progress on SVD this week… IT IS JUST ABOUT COMPLETE!


Here we are test fitting the custom headliner on our SC Carts roof system


We painted the entire cart including the trim


The rear body is coming together nicely


Next we installed the modified front end


The modified cowl!


On went the brow cap and then some green tape to protect the fresh paint from any mishaps with the roof install


Babooom!!! The first production new style roof system from SC Carts is installed


How about taking it to the next level with a custom sunroof!


Next we test fit the custom headlights


This buggy has a great new look with the SC Carts custom roof system


Another look at how cool this roof package is! Note the forward facing sunroof to scoop in the air on those hot days!

This cart is just about complete and we can’t wait to get it out and give it a rip! Come back next week as we bring this cart close to completion!


Part 6 can be seen here!