SC Carts Ranch Hand! *Part 3*

The Ranch Hand is back on the blog this week with some awesome progress. From the beginning we wanted to ensure that this workhorse would really usable for everyday chores on the ranch, farm or acreage. As part of that we know that our customers will really value a power dumping work box. We also wanted to use a plastic rotationally molded work box, this way there is no rusting or denting. The only trouble with this, is that there is no available option for an rotationally molded, power dumping box for the Club Car Precedent.

No problem, we will make it happen!


Here is the modified rear support getting welded up


With the rear support welded we re installed it and then mounted the work box


Ta da!!! Rotationally molded tilting rear box!


This will make it easy to clean everything out! Now we are just waiting for the power ram to arrive so we can get this box tiliting on it’s own!


To provide some torque for our Ranch Hands we have installed a 600 amp fully adjustable controller!


Here it is tucked away and getting ready for the wiring to be all cleaned up


The cool thing about this new controller is that it comes with an on the fly programmer which lets our customers make any adjustments they need to on how the cart will perform. If they want fast acceleration, they just turn the dial, faster top speed, just turn the dial, more electronic braking, just turn the dial! It’s a pretty awesome setup!

We are getting close to the home stretch on this build so keep following along as we build this buggy up!

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