Blue Breeze Resort Getaway Custom *Part 2*

Part 2 of this beauty has this cart coming together for completion. This buggy turned out really cool, and has some unique features, like the LED light bar and round taillights!

Let’s get to it!


With the new taillights installed we focused our attention to the front end lighting. Here we mocked up one of our SC Carts low profile LED light bars


After mocking it up we installed the front cowl


Then we through the power switch! This super low profile bar is crazy bright!


The rear LED taillights all lit up as well!


We machined a custom white grill to go with the look of the cart!


The cart is coming together nicely and the tinted windshield has been installed


All finished and out side for it’s pictures


How nice is this upholstery


A custom floor mat finished off the interior perfectly!

What a cool buggy that is ready for a resort family to scoop it up! Come check it out on our inventory page.

Have you seen part 1?