BC Neighbourhood Golf Cart Program

What’s Happening?

We, at SC Carts, are pretty darn excited for the new road legal golf car program in BC! Just recently, the government of BC announced  the launch of a pilot program for Neighborhood Golf Carts in two BC cities!

Starting next Tuesday, September 6th, 2016, the Village of Chase BC and Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island have been selected to be apart of the 2 year pilot program which allows properly equipped golf carts on designated roads within these communities.

Our US customers have been using their carts on the roads for many years now and we knew it would only be a matter of time before this would be available to Canadians too! YAHOO! So with that in mind, we have spent the last several years preparing and developing products for this application.

Requirements for Road Legal Golf Carts

We’ve been prepping to meet these new requirements so we’ve got you covered on the know how to properly equip our custom carts for the road! Some of the new stipulations include road ready lights, mirrors, reflectors, and a few other goodies that we’ve got ready for you!

If you live in Qualicum Beach or the Village of Chase,  when you are ready to take advantage of this very unique opportunity contact SC Carts and we can get you equipped safely and still have you looking great!


Below is a quick overview of what is needed when ordering a neighborhood golf cart:



Operating Requirements

In order to meet the new requirements, neighborhood golf carts must comply with the following: {please note: requirements have been taken from the BC govt’s website and may be updated at their prerogative.}

  • Only be driven on designated roads for neighbourhood golf carts with maximum speed limits of 30km/hNeighbourhood Golf Cart Begins Sign
  • Be insured with ICBC {your neighborhood golf cart will come ready to register}
  • Have a permit issued by the municipality
  • Be operated by a licensed driver
  • Not carry passengers under 9 years of age
  • Only be operated during daylight hours and when the roads are free of ice, snow and slush


Vehicle Requirements

Neighbourhood golf carts must have 2 – 4 seats, rear-view mirror, horn, lights, turn signals, etc., seatbelts, and can’t exceed a max. of 32 km/hr, as well as other accessories that are already found on your SC Carts’ golf cart!

If you’re ready to be apart of this exciting pilot program, get in touch with us today about building your SC Carts’ custom neighborhood golf cart!