Seadoo Tow Cart *Part 2*

The pressure is on to get this cool cart completed for our customer in Alberta! This cart has a lot of elements to it before we could start with the cool looking part!

It’s all hands on deck as we race the clock to get this cart completed!


After making the mods to the rear foot rest it was time to test it


It works perfectly! Now we can reinstall the hitch!


With it working it was now time to add the additional supports to tie everything together properly.


Next we needed to get some proper looking wheels and tires on this beast!


Check these bad boys out! They are almost identical to the Seadoo trailer!


Because this cart is going to have a few cool electronics, we decided to install a pair of our SC Carts voltage reducers


Here they are with the wiring all cleaned up, these units are super tidy and work like a dream!


Speaking of wiring…here is a bunch more…wires everywhere!


Oh momma!!! Here is one of the MTX amps that will be powering the pod speakers, this stereo is going to be bumping!


With the guys getting a good handle on the electronics it was time to get the body in the booth


A couple coats of epoxy sealer


Then we laid down some white base coat and started masking


Then we laid down some black base coat and did some more masking!


Then we started in with the blue base coat


Blue all laid down and looking great!


With the blue dry we started to unmask


A little more black exposed this is going to be one crazy cart!


Bam!!! That white makes things pop! With a few more touches and some clear this one of a kind paint job will really come to life!

This cart is really coming together and we are on the home stretch now, make sure to come back next week to see how this cart comes together, you are going to love it!

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