Seadoo Tow Cart

Every once and awhile we get a customer that wants to really put his cart to work, and this is one of those times! Our customer is going to be using this very cool machine not only for driving his family around their resort property, but he also wants to use it to tow his Seadoo down to the water.

So with a bit of direction from him he has let us run wild with this build! You aren’t going to want to miss this beast!



Here is the inspiration for this build! A 2016 Wake Pro Seadoo


We really stripped this beasty right down to the bare bones


First we installed the 6″ a arm lift up front


Then we moved the rear and started in on the lift blocks and HD suspension with overload springs


Here we are hanging the rear end so we can install the lift


With the rear portion of the lift installed we were able to install the low profile frame mounted hitch


Here is another shot of the hitch installed, you can see how well it tucks away, this is one strong setup


Next we installed the mid underbody with floorboard setup. You can also see the HD suspension with overloads.


Then we installed the rear underbody, this will be coming off again, but we need to install it to ensure proper fitment of the rear seat kit that we are modifying.


While we have easy access to the battery bucket we installed the wiring harnesses


With the serious work in store for this cart we have installed our 500amp controller and HD solenoid this setup packs a serious punch!


For night time cruising only the brightest will do, and these LED light bars are amazing


Our customer wanted his rear foot rest to fold out of the way so he could access his hitch without it sticking out past the foot rest. So with some clever mods, he will be able to flip up the foot rest to gain access to the hitch. And with the foot rest down there will not be any cursing because of a smashed shin on the receiver


After a test fit we started building the custom hinge system


Here are the hinges in place ready to be welded, these are going to be super strong!

Alright there is a lot of work ahead, so come back next week as this cart really starts coming together with some very cool features!

In the meantime head to our Facebook page and you just might see another sneak peek of this cart during the week!