The Silver Rocket *Part 6*

This is the final build post for this cart as it is complete and heading home this week! What a cool build it has been and the end result is awesome!

This week we did some final touches, installed the battery pack and took it out for a test run, and what a fun machine it is!


The carbon fiber locking dash finishes off the interior nicely


We also added a private key and dual USB charging port


There are a lot of cool accessories in this picture, including the dash, dash storage tray, SC Carts custom floor mat and side sills, our information gauge, a custom steering wheel and more!


The custom upholstery out in the sun, these beauties won’t get hot!


A great shot of this cart in the tall grass, where we spend most of our time shooting from!


A parting shot of one very custom cart, the 14’s poke out even in the longest grass!

Well what a build, and what an end result, this cart is a joy to drive and we guarantee it will be turning heads everywhere it goes.

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