Island Dream!

The next cart up on the SC Carts build schedule is this very cool resort cart! The name says it all, the blue on this beauty will conjure thoughts of a tropical paradise Island and with the wind blowing in your hair as you cruise you will really feel like you are there. Just remember to drive with your eyes open!

As we said with the last cart, if you are in the market for a beautiful resort machine then don’t wait to long or it will be gone!

Let’s get into this cool build!


We start in the front, by redoing the entire front end!


Both sides are just like new!


If you are going to have a cool cruising machine, then it needs to start with a set of cool rims!


The 14″ wheel and tire package look awesome, and when they are spinning down the road they are really going to look amazing!


With every seat kit comes HD suspension!


Now that is a cool looking buggy! All set to go for it’s first test run after the mechanical end of the rebuild has been taken care of! This way we can pick up on anything that needs further attention.


What a color!

Alrighty! This is part one of this build in the bag! Come back next week, this cart is going to look amazing by then!

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