The Silver Rocket *Part 5*

We are back from a bit of a break on this build, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on it!

This rocket is coming together and it is really looking cool!


Capping off the top of the roof with a custom fabric trim piece!


Here’s an up close look, this just takes the roof to another level!


How about the tinted folding windshield!


Our under seat storage trays are becoming popular…and for good reason!


Yahoooo!!! This rocket is getting some GO with our SC Carts Speedster motor! How cool does that look tucked in there!


Keeping with the look of the cart we managed to get this all black storage tray that our customer requested. This provides a huge amount of additional storage.


A tweed club cover finishes off the look of the roof and ties in with the seats and steering wheel!

We are on the home stretch with this very cool cart, we still have a couple cool features in store and then it will be ready for it’s test drive and final tweaking. Stay tuned next week as we bring this great build to an end!

In the meantime have a look at part 4 to see how we have gotten to this stage!