Stylin Alberta Speedster *Part 3*

What a week of great carts happening in the shop! This little beast is on the home stretch and will be leaving our HQ shortly, but before it can we have to button it up! We are finally through the wiring on it 🙂

We got the chance to take this cart out for a rip today and what a blast, this baby is a rocket!



We started off by installing the information gauge, this gauge not only gives you speed but also provides vitals for the motor and battery pack


Starting to clean up the wiring


We have power!


All of our carts also get our electric fuel gauge!


With all the wiring complete it was time to install the rear body! Man is this cart cool


A shot from the rear with the Speedster motor poking out!


Next we installed the basket, rear uprights and black roof


Then came the color matched rocker panels, not to much left, just a couple more components, some custom upholstery and then some fine tuning on the performance package and this cart will be Alberta bound!

Come back next week as the cart will be complete and ready to head out to it’s new home in Alberta where it will be turning some heads!