Stylin Alberta Speedster *Part 2*

Another week and more cart awesomeness! This sweet custom is getting a lot of goodies on it so there is a lot of stuff that has to happen before the cosmetic end of things comes together.

This week we got a good handle on the wiring and the performance end of things and also started in on the “Stylin” part of this custom build!


Here is one of those custom touches we talked about, the custom steering wheel package. The wood grain effect will tie in with the styling of this beauty!


4 very cool custom touches, the chrome wheel package with low pro tires! Now we are starting to look custom!


A close up of the speedo pick up for the information gauge


The all new high torque controller package, with our HD solenoid, there is no messing around when it comes to our performance packages


The speed end of things is handled by our Speedster motor


When you want the best you go with our AGM battery option, there are no down sides to these!


With the performance end of things coming together nicely, we need to get some show with all that go! The body is sealed and ready for the basecoat.


The basecoat and several coats of clear laid down and drying!


Glassy smooth right out of the gun! We love our SATA JET guns! This cart is going to be a head turner!


While the body dries we started installing the underbodies that we painted last week. The front trim looks amazing!


Next we installed the rear underbody, there is so much depth to this paint and we haven’t even brought it outside yet. What an amazing color!


How sweet does this wheel and tire package look with this color!

This SC Cart is going to look as good as it performs, come back next week to see this cart really come together!

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