Stylin Alberta Speedster

After we completed the Fine Whiskey we got a lot of interest in it and it didn’t take long to sell. We had several requests to have it duplicated but being true to our promise we never build two carts the same.

With a bit of correspondence with our great new customer from Alberta we set out to build another show stopping cart with inspiration from Fine Whiskey!

You guys aren’t going to want to miss this build!



We have this chassis up in the air and stripped to make way for all the new!


The rear end got the complete tear down


Brand new OEM brake pads were installed and the drums were machine on our in house lathe


With the mechanical work all completed, we are moving towards the wiring and sound end of things. Here is our new bluetooth sound tube…and it’s awesome!


With our custom SC Carts mount it tucks up and out of the way in the dash area.


Here we have the rough wiring in for the electronics on the cart, we are using our SC Carts voltage reducer


A bit more of the rough wiring in place along with the fuse block, next we will clean the battery box up and final wire everything.


The first painted piece being installed, the LED light and bumper package!


As one part of the team works on the electronics, the other is busy getting the paint completed. Here all the body components have be giving the SC Carts touch and are sealed ready for basecoat


Our customer wanted to stick with a brown color, and the color we chose is unreal!


A close shot of the rear underbody with just the basecoat laid down


After several coats of clear here is the same rear underbody! What a color, in the sun this is going to pop


The cool thing about this color is in low light it is a very dark brown, but when the sun hit’s it, it comes to life!

Well that’s all she wrote for this week! A lot of things will be coming together for the next blog update so don’t miss out next week.

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