Metallic Black With Class! *Part 2*

We are back with the finishing touches on this great looking cart, we really love how this one turned out and we know our customer is going to love it as well.

Check it out for yourself


Now we are talking!


Custom 12″ rims with low pro tires transform the look of this cart


Next was the custom white upholstery


We stepped up the styling by adding a perforated insert and a elephant skin patterned black piping. The smallest details set our carts apart from the herd


The SC Carts grill! An important part to each of our custom carts.


Getting it’s first taste of fresh air as a completed cart, the color of this cart is so cool!


This cart turned out beautifully! The seats are super comfy.


Another shot showing how everything has come together so perfectly on this build!


We are excited to have built this cart and we know it is going to turn heads at Gallagher’s Canyon in Kelowna BC!

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